Weathering a Sandstorm in UAE


Gulf is not new to sandstorms and at least twice a year faces this dangerous situation. Driving during a sandstorm in the UAE is not easy as it reduces visibility and there is a chance of vehicle collision. Best advise under these circumstances is to stay home and avoid driving. But in case you are already out and get stuck in a sandstorm, read on about these useful tips that can help you reach your destination safely.

Drive Slowly, Carefully & Keep the Headlights On

There is no other way to beat the sandstorm once you’re stuck in one than to drive slowly. Be fully aware of your surroundings, use the fog lights in your vehicle, and follow the road signs. Keep enough distance between yourself and vehicle in front of you to avoid any hazards in case you need to stop unexpectedly. Invest in good fog lights with powerful LED bulb that provide better visibility in adverse conditions. Remain alert, avoid distractions, and focus on the road.

Keep Your Car Windows Closed

You definitely don’t want sand or dust to enter your vehicle and spoil the inside interior. Keep the air vents closed or locked, and it is recommended to have a mask in the car, ensuring that the sand doesn’t enter your respiratory system.

Do Not Stop

Once you’re caught in this situation, make sure you don’t stop and keep on driving. It’s the same tip that’s applicable in fog – stopping on the road side can cause an accident as cars coming behind you might not be able to see you parked in a sandstorm.

Stay Calm and Think Smart

Panicking in such a situation will only worsen things for you. Remember all common sense and keep in mind the things you learned during your driving lesson. Drive with caution, keep the hazard lights on, and drive slowly, maintaining a safe distance between other cars.

While the above mentioned tips will help you if you’re stuck in a sandstorm, there are other guidelines as well that can prepare you for this and other similar situations.

Keep Your Vehicle Well Maintained

Car maintenance not just keeps it in the top conditions but also ensures your safety and that of the passengers.

Check the Brakes: Always take your vehicle in for inspection, especially if you feel braking requires additional pressure or sense some vibration. Get those brake pads a consult by visiting your local auto-shop. Visit to check out the services they are offering as the online tyres buying platform has earned great reputation all over the region.

Inspect and Maintain Tyres: Keeping your tyres in the top shape not just improves performance of your vehicle but also provides extra safety during unexpected situations. A flat tyre is a hazard in sandstorm and you can avoid it if you regularly check the air pressure, look for wear and tear, and are up to date on alignment. When buying new tires or replacing old ones, choose a brand that is known for quality and longevity. Hankook tyre price especially in the UAE is quite competitive as the brand offers reliability, affordability, durability, and fuel efficiency. Dubai Tyre Shop has a huge selection of Hankook Tyres suitable for almost every passenger vehicle and weather conditions.

So, there you have it – there is always a way to get home safely if stuck in a sandstorm. Just stay calm, be alert, and keep your vehicle well-maintained.

Kahlo Mark
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