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Do Teslas have handles?


Handles are smart auto parts that allow you to open or close the car’s doors as the case may be. Since it is a smart car, it is essential to choose those who adapt to it and not interrupt its operation.

Generally, these smart auto parts are complicated to acquire and install. Hence, it is essential to get all the information you can from this mechanism, its operation and seeks professional help for its installation.

Tesla car handles

Tesla cars are one of the most purchased vehicles in recent years for several reasons. Among them, we highlight the fast loading, the smart auto parts, the design, and functionality that offer to all people.

In this way, you can have a car of accessories and unique operation, because in the case of Tesla cars, have simple handles that allow the vehicle to open easily.

Similarly, it is essential to note that, according to the Tesla car model you buy, the way you open the doors and their handles can change. For example, there are Tesla car models that can open with the help of a card.

This card is usually acquired in the case apart from the car, having an approximate cost of 10 dollars each, being necessary only to place them in the door zone so that this one yields and opens.

On the other hand, it is possible to have models of Tesla cars where the doors’ opening is done automatically with sensors’ help. In this case, the handles are similar to those on classic cars, for greater comfort.

In this case, a wireless key with a device that will allow the opening of doors can also use, unlike the card, it has a much higher cost, which reaches up to 150 euros.

These smart auto parts gaining in popularity must be treated with great care, as they can usually break down quickly, sometimes being difficult to get replaced inside the car’s mechanism.

What is the best way to take care of the handles?

As we mentioned, smart auto parts are often difficult to maintain in good condition, so below, we highlight the best ways to preserve this mechanism without losing the luxury that these cars provide.

  • Maintenance

The main advantage of these Tesla cars is that being electric; they do not require constant care for proper operation. Generally, done on an annual basis.

Therefore, the recommendation is that, in this review, not only check the mechanism of the car battery, also the rest of the components of the same, such as the automatic tailgate opener, brakes, its intelligent parts, among others.

  • Vary your opening mechanisms

With smart auto parts, Tesla cars have different opening mechanisms, so they can be varied to avoid damaging components.

Generally, the most used mechanism is known as “invisible butler,” which consists of the automatic opening of the car doors when a person approaches it, using the help of the sensors that they include.

  • Good treatment

Finally, the proper way in which the mechanisms of opening the car and all its accessories such as handles will endure is giving it a careful treatment in every moment that is required to use them, ensuring them life.

Bearing this in mind, you will be able to guarantee a profitable operation not only to the handles but also to all the mechanisms that constitute these electric cars, which are gaining relevance in the world market.

Card or key?

As mentioned above, Tesla cars can open with different mechanisms. Because of how different they are, the question may arise about which is better, which is more accessible and guarantees a profitable operation.

In the mentioned case of the card, we must emphasize that it is a fast and straightforward method and the most accessible for those who wish to acquire the card. However, it is essential to be careful not to ‘lose’ the menu when using it.

Each one costs $10 and is usually easy to acquire, working as follows: you must place it in the space between the driver’s door and the back seat behind the mirror and wait for the mechanism to recognize it to pull the Tesla door handles.

That’s how simple this card can use, so we must emphasize that it is a smart auto part that must avoid puncture for use on the keyring, which could damage it and compromise its operation.

In the case of the wireless key with button, it is not only characterized by its high cost of $150, but also by its striking car shape. For it, it is only necessary to press the button for the mechanism to give way.

Either of these two options fits the needs of the driver, where if you want to save more money, you can opt for the card, but if you wish not to lose the key to your car, you can opt for the resolution, which turns out to be a significant key ring.

Tesla Cars

Tesla cars have a great variety of smart auto parts and several advantages that have allowed it to place itself as one of the most purchased vehicles in recent times.

Among them, we can highlight an electric car that requires almost 4 hours for a full charge and a car that can reach a cost of 88 thousand euros in various markets around the world, allowing it to acquire by many people.

Finally, Tesla cars have different models and smart auto partsthat will guarantee you a great experience in using the vehicle in the day today and the performance and power of it.

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