Consider Whether You Want to Move Your Car Through Open or Enclosed Transport?


If you are planning to embark on a long-distance move, then taking decision about how to carry your car may often put you under dilemma. Few people think that they can easily drive it themselves, however many will not have enough time or patience of driving thousands of miles.

It will be a much convenient option to hire a professional car shipping service provider to transport the vehicle. Usually, most of these car shipping companies prefer to place vehicles on an open-air carrier for transporting cars from one location to another.

However, due to lack of siding as well as roof protection on these carriers, they may present few challenges to customers. If you are looking for Florida auto Transport Company then you can consider Ship a Car, Inc. who is known for delivering superior shipping service for relocating your vehicles.

In case, you are struggling to make right decision about whether should you move your car through open-air transport or an enclosed transport then we are providing few pros and cons of sending cars through open-air car carriers and few other alternatives.

Pros of transporting via open-air car carriers

  1. Price is always affordable in this option as compared to all other options.
  2. Being an open-air transport and hence drivers of the carrier can always keep his eyes on the car, also during transportation. If the car has any chance of getting damaged on the way, the driver can easily take corrective action.
  3. Open-air carrier options are quite popular option and hence you can locate such service very easily from anywhere as compared to any other modes of transporting your car.
  4. Usually, carriers of such types tend to be lighter than enclosed carrier hence will burn less fuel and will be better for our environment.

Cons of transporting via open-air car carriers

  1. Most of the time your vehicle will remain exposed to dust, rain and snow on the roads.
  2. Cars will be less secured as compared to enclosed carrier.
  3. Since many cars are loaded and hence it may take much longer time to unload your car
  4. Door-to-door services may not be available in many places.

Other options

  • Hire professionals

You can hire a professional driver who may drive the car to your address, however it can be expensive and also often it is difficult to get driver so easily.

  • Ship via train

Sending it via train is also another option that you can consider. However, there are only few locations in the USA, where you can get this facility.

  • Drive yourself

Driving yourself is another option that you can weigh, which can also save your money too. Driving yourself can also offer an opportunity to drive along with your family and enjoy few tourist attractions too. However, you must have sufficient time with you to choose this option.

  • Enclosed carrier

Enclosed carrier can keep your car well protected from different adverse climates however this can be quite an expensive option. Also, very few transporters will offer this option and as a result your car may get delayed to reach to destination.

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